K-League 24R Preview – Sunday Fixtures

So after Jeju made a complete liar out of me and put 6 past Jeonnam it’s time to look at the two games today.

First up its the 5pm showdown between

Ulsan BadgeGyeongnam Badge


Ulsan v Gyeongnam

6th take on bottom in this one, Ulsan have been unable to repeat their form of last season when they took the league to the final day against Pohang. They have been able to win when it matters though including the 1-0 victory over Seoul recently which kept them 6th. With the news that Lee Keun Ho will head to the Middle East instead of returning after his military service it’s not been a happy season for Ulsan fans. Gyeongnam are probably everyone’s sure bet for the automatic relegation slot. Within Seongnam winning yesterday they really need to get a result of some sort today.

Prediction : Ulsan 2-0

Pohang BadgeFC Seoul Badge


Pohang v FC Seoul

Pohang and Seoul have played each other a ridiculous amount of times this season, meeting in the FA Cup and ACL. Seoul seem to have the measure of them having knocked them out both tournaments. With Jeonbuk winning as expected yesterday Pohang will need to overcome Seoul to keep the pressure on. Pohang were consistent at the beginning of the season but have been erratic of late. Seoul still continue to be unpredictable, they were uninspiring at home to Jeju last Sunday but then only a few weeks ago put 5 past Incheon. Away to Pohang is always tough but if they want to finish in the top 6 then these are the places they need to start winning at.

Prediction : Pohang 2-1

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