5 things we learned from the 25R of the K-League Classic

FC Seoul Badge


FC Seoul can actually score in the first half.

After a pretty poor start to the season where they couldn’t find the net Seoul have started scoring almost for fun. A last minute away victory to Pohang followed by the last minute win at Seongnam gave the impression that Seoul had developed a ‘soak it up and hit on the break’ mentality.  But on Saturday during their 3-1 slaying of Incheon they notched their first two goals in the first half and their third 10 mins or so after the second half kicked-off. This, remarkably, was goals 6,7 and 8 against Incheon in just over a month. Given that Seoul dropped all but Osmar from their foreign contingent it was a pretty impressive victory. Also as none of their ‘main’ goal threats have been hitting the net with any real regularity this season it would have been good for Choi to have witnessed three different scorers pitching in.

Jeonbuk Badge


Jeonbuk can win ‘ugly’.

‘Winning ugly’ was a term I was more than used to hearing back in Scotland and not just because of Davie Dodds. Watching the Jeonbuk v Gyeongnam game on Sunday I was reminded of those days. Jeonbuk have been known for their free-scoring play this season and while not exactly ‘total football’ it has been good to watch. On Sunday we saw a different side to them, they huffed and puffed and generally looked like a team out of sorts against the team propping up the rest. Kim Nam Il eventually managed to scramble one over the line from a corner with about 8 mins left much to the delight of the crowd and the tears of the female HT anchorwoman who seemed rather overwhelmed by the whole occasion. One can only assume she’d either emptied her BetFred account on a Jeonbuk win or was actually “Mrs. Kim”.

Incheon Badge


Without Ivo Incheon look very ordinary.

It was a bit of a surprise to see Ivo missing from the Incheon starting lineup on Saturday night and it definitely had an impact on the match. Throughout this season, even when on their 15 match non-victory run, Ivo has looked the only bright star in a rather grey Incheon team. He is far and away their main threat and is generally the player that both teammates and fans alike look to. The fact that things are still so tight in the bottom half of the table made omitting Ivo all the more surprising. By the time he came on in the second half Seoul had already killed the game but he did bring purpose to the team and you have to wonder what difference he could’ve made had he started.

Suwon Badge

Have Suwon blown it?

Suwon have been on a pretty good run of late both home and away and are undefeated in 5. They had managed to get themselves within touching distance of the top two and were looking like serious contenders for the title. Although drawing 0-0 away at Jeju isn’t a disastrous result, with both Jeonbuk and Pohang winning it does have a more negative feeling. They have the next Supermatch coming up on October 5th and having lost the last 3 in a row it’s looking like that could be another disappointing afternoon for the blue masses. Coupled with Seoul’s recent upturn in form Suwon might be better off now looking at securing their ACL place for next season as opposed to the dreamy images of blue ribbons on the K-League trophy.

The K-League needs more horses….

Granted this ones sound like an obscure one but bear with me. As I was taking in the delights on Jeonbuk v Gyeongnam on tv @korearacing texted me to inform that none other than Dalshabet had made their third appearance at the racecourse this year. Now the cynic in me imagines that these girls probably don’t have to attend GA meetings in between costume changes so that can leave only one reason…. yep they love horses. So my idea to the K-League next season is to start making use of the ‘running’ tracks around so many of the stadiums! Put some horses on at half-time and lets see if we get some impromptu visits from the Shabets!  (This also serves as an excuse for me to post more photos of them!)


Courtesy of @korearacing

Courtesy of @korearacing

Dalshabet at Seoul Racecourse!

Dalshabet at Seoul Racecourse!

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