k-League Classic Round 6 Review

Yesterday saw the first midweek fixtures of the new K-League season and it brought with it action, goals, red cards and excitement unless that was you were one of the hardy few who bothered to make the trips to Sangam or Tancheon where ‘The Beautiful Game’ put on it’s ugly mask and taunted those of us there.

I guess we may as well begin with Sangam.

FC Seoul BadgeDaejeon


Seoul 1 Daejeon 0 

It was a bit of a mad dash to make kick-off but it was going to be a worth it right? This had the proverbial ‘goal-fest’ written all over it. Daejeon are poor at the back and Seoul are just itching to give some team a hammering. Unfortunately they weren’t quite itching enough and, not for the first time this season, looked pretty unimaginative all through the team. Both teams huffed and puffed for most of the match and managed to create a few chances but lacked composure in front of goal. Seoul finally took the lead through Kim Hyun Sung but the floodgates remained firmly shut. Daejeon had a chance at the end to level but the ever increasingly frustrated Adriano couldn’t finish it. On Seoul’s current form I don’t think I’ll rushing around trying to find a chicken hof in Suwon to celebrate after Saturday’s “Supermatch”

Busan BadgeJeonbuk Badge


Busan 1 Jeonbuk 2

Busan made that all fatal mistake of scoring first and waking up the monster in this one. They were happily playing out a 0-0 draw when Park Yong Ji scored in the 53rd minute.  Fast forward half and hour and they were 2-1 down thanks to goals from Lee Dong Gook and Leonardo. I’m guessing next time one of the ‘big teams’ come to town they’ll have learned their place and will just ‘park the bus’.

Pohang BadgeJeonnam Badge


Pohang 4 Jeonnam 1

“Pohang haven’t been firing on all cylinders this season”, “Jeonnam have been tight at the back”. Well that’s two expressions we probably won’t be hearing again for a while after Pohang’s dismantling of Jeonnam. It appeared to be an even game in the first half, Pohang snatching the lead on 41 mins, but what a difference in the second half. A brace by Son Joon Ho followed by a Kim Seung Dae goal and it was goodnight Jeonnam. They did pull one back at the end thru Kim Young Wook but by that time it was all over.

Ulsan BadgeSuwon Badge


Ulsan 1 Suwon 1 

It was billed as the game of the round as top took on third. Lim Chang Woo gave the hosts the lead right on the half-time whistle and probably many would have thought they were on course for the victory. Unfortunately just like against Daejeon at the weekend they couldn’t hold on and Kaio leveled the match with 20 odd minutes to go. Suwon will probably be the happier of the two teams and it does set them up well for the upcoming match against Seoul.

Seongnam_FCIncheon Badge


Seongnam 0 Incheon 0 

The award for least surprising result of the round goes to this one as both teams served up a rather predictable 0-0 draw. Less than 2000 attended the match and that was probably for the best. The only positive to take is that Soengnam have now kept three clean sheets in their three home matches since Suwon put three past them. It must give them some confidence going into their final home ACL group match against Buriram next week.

Jeju Badge v GwangjuFC


Jeju 2 Gwangju 1

I think we can safely say that Gwanju’s bubble has popped as they have now lost three on the bounce. Kang Soo Il was the hero again at Jeju as his goals either side of a Gilberto equalizer sealed the points for the island boys and hoisted them into 3rd position in the table. Gwangju have their early season form to thank for keeping them away from the foot of the table well that and Daejeon.



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