The Walking K-League Dead – Episode 3



Last week’s  episode yet again witnessed Suwon Bluewings showing their fragility in the cut-throat world of the K-League Apocalypse. Having looked like they were coasting through the episode at the first break they then ran out of steam and were caught by a rather tricky and nifty-looking herd of POSCO zombies and ended up rather happy that they were able to make it back to the safety of The Big Bird changing rooms without losing more than just their pride.


This week we look at one of the newest characters in TKWD ….

suwon fc

Staring Suwon FC as Carl



Just like Carl, or Coral depending on whether you think Brit actor Andrew Lincoln is able to pull off a Georgia accent or not, Suwon FC are the youngest member of our cast and just like everyone’s favourite cowboy hat wearing brat they are also able to frustrate their fellow cast members with almost relative ease. Having made an almost instantly forgettable debut appearance in Episode 1 at the home of Jeonnam they then had a starring role in Episode 2 where they decided to host a house-warming party and invited those plucky fellows from nearby Seongnam with both groups turning out in force to mark the occasion.  The event passed without many incidents of note and although it was a tad frustrating for the more established survivors in black I think was entertaining for most who attended.

As we know Carl has now survived being shot twice, once in the eye,  and I think most fans of TKWD would have been excused for thinking that Suwon FC had shot themselves in the foot when they let free-scoring Japa leave after last year’s season finale. It does however look like they also will get over this wound and they are already back up on their feet and making all the right noises. Suwon FC, like Carl, don’t have the guiding hand of a mothering chabeol which makes there growth all the more impressive.   It is early days yet in the new world and there are still battles with more established characters that lie in wait for them but you do feel that if they can continue to grow as a club as quickly as Carl can grow his hair then they might just be around for a while longer than some first predicted.

The evolution of Suwon FC

The evolution of Suwon FC



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