An Interview With Marin Orsulic

48 Shades’ Mark sat down with Seongnam’m towering Croatian central defender Marin Orsulic to discuss his time in Korea so far. They talked seasons past as they analysed 2017 and discussed the ideas behind his move from the sunny slopes of Cyprus to the confides of the K-League. They looked back on Marin’s injury, his first impressions of Korea, the turning point of what started off as the season from hell and his relationship with the Seongnam fans.

They discussed 2018 and the challenges faced by a new manager taking over as well as the large overhaul of players as his expectations for the season ahead and the prospects of teaming up in defence with Yun Yeon Sun after his return from military service. They also looked ahead to the World Cup in Russia and looked at both Croatia and Korea’s chances and much more….

You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link below.

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