K (League) For Vendetta : Episode 1 : The Voice Of The K-League

The Voice of the K-League

starring Suwon Bluewings as Lewis Prothero


Loud, obnoxious and easily dislikeable, the one-time “voice of the K-League” is effectively becoming more and more irrelevant as this movie continues and you do feel they may struggle to have a prominent role in any sequels, unless via flashbacks. Members of the Bluewings party have long been known for their rather partisan approach to supporting their team and at one time were able to command a large number of troops, although seemingly once free high school tickets are no longer offered seeds of dissension are quickly sown.

Not afraid to throw a little bit of casual racism and fascism into their often colourful broadcasts this once hugely impressive looking bunch can be found on the slopes of the Suwon World Cup Stadium indulging in some rather strange actions. These include, but are not limited to bouncing, umbrella waving, balaclava wearing and occasionally practicing their shot-put skills with some plastic Samdasoo bottles. The latter resulted in some rather strict security measures being put in place at Bluewings party HQ but as always where there is will there will always be a way.

The muli-purpose ‘beer umbrella’ smuggling technique!

Once regarded, albeit only be themselves, as “the millionairos” due to their links with the country’s largest controlling corporation they have found things a little tight of late due to  finances being diverted elsewhere and have had to, quite literally, seek another cash cow to keep the voice of K-League active. After some successful tours of duty in Eastern Asia the party has their sights firmly set on a West Asian excursion and the spoils and riches that success there might bring. If nothing else it will provide one final chance this year to have their broadcasts aired nationwide before they’re hung up for the winter months.

Those ‘cash cows’ getting ready action!



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