Police Given Potential Reprieve

It was the news that dominated the final weeks if not months of this year’s K-League Two season and just when we thought that things were all done and dusted with Asan’s future the K-League have decided to open the can of worms to give it a little more air.

The powers that be, in a meeting on Monday past, decided to offer Mugunghwa a probational period to allow them to smoothly transition from Police team to citizen club. This recent deadline, the fourth they’ve been issued with since the summer announcement of their potential demise, has been set for December 20th during which time they will be afforded the chance to transfer the club’s management rights to the City council.

Asan Mugunghwa Lifting the K2 Title

Asan who were denied promotion after winning this year’s K-League Two title will have roughly around fourteen players on their books next February and as K-League rules state that a minimum of twenty players be registered one imagines that any agreement to transfer to a government run club will require recruitment plans being set in stone.

This is an end result you feel that could have been agreed upon if not finalized earlier in the drawn-out saga that ensued. It is the common sense decision that allows players such as Ju Se-jong to complete their military service while giving the local community the club that they crave, not to mention it avoids the K-League falling back into the farcical fixture complications witnessed in 2015 when the league had eleven teams. Hopefully all goes to plan and this latest twist is the last in what has been, for many, a painful episode. But this is the K-League after all and if there is even the slightest possibility of dragging this out further you feel they will gleefully grab at it with two hands.

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