K-League 2021 – The Relegation Battle Begins!

So it’s time to roll out everyone’s favourite ‘relegation waterfall’ as we count down the battle to avoid the drop and the quagmire that is the K-League 2…..and I mean that in the nicest possible way…..honestly!

2021 has been an interesting year in the K-League 1 as we’ve had COVID cancellations, Suwon FC surges, Pohang plummeting (I did predict this actually) and Jeju defying every pre-season expectation and making the top 6…..yeah I ran out of alliteration pretty quickly there! We’ve now reached the ‘watching-from-behind-the-sofa’ phase for half of the league’s fans as it’s time for the split and, of course, the nerve-shredding battle for survival that follows….or maybe that’s just for Seongnam fans as FC Seoul will get enough penalties to prevent the Suhoshin from having to change the name on their “****** out” banner!

The table has an all-too predictable look to it, although most fans, partisan and neutral alike, would’ve placed Suwon FC somewhre around 12th. As it stands the more palatable team from the Gyeonggi city sits a heady 4th while Gangwon, Seoul and Pohang dream of what could have been if they had even close to a competent manager in charge of things and Gwangju ponder just exactly how they managed to finish in the top 6 last year!

I could go through every game this weekend and give a prediction …..but I won’t as honestly there was no logic to last weekend’s results and countless others in this most strange of seasons. Instead I will give you my final league position predictions, don’t bet your mortgage on them…..but I’m pretty confident in the bottom two….unfortunately.


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