Korea 0 – Sweden 1 : The Red Devils Fail to Turn up!

And so began the predictable fallout from Monday night's Korean national team defeat to Sweden with some comments scoring rather high on the outrageous scale! We had everything from IKEA being targeted to suggesting widespread changes in the domestic game and some even questioning Korean fan culture. It's safe to say this isn't my first... Continue Reading →


2018 K-League Two – Match Day 16 – Previews

With it's big brother on their World Cup break it's been time for the K-League Two to showcase their talents to the football-starved Korean audience and it's safe to say that few have been disappointed. Just this past midweek we had a Memorial Day to remember as three of the four matches played had 4... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Marin Orsulic

48 Shades' Mark sat down with Seongnam'm towering Croatian central defender Marin Orsulic to discuss his time in Korea so far. They talked seasons past as they analysed 2017 and discussed the ideas behind his move from the sunny slopes of Cyprus to the confides of the K-League. They looked back on Marin's injury, his... Continue Reading →

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