Suwon v Seongnam (1-4) – The Match That Divides A CSC

Every football fan has their favourite away ground to visit, whether you are a Celtic fan heading to Ibrox, a Kop stalwart making the trip to Old Trafford or an Ipswich fan heading with hope to Norwich. The K-League is no different and for those of a Seongnam persuasion it used to be the trip... Continue Reading →


A Trip To Suwon – A Birthday, A Tenor and Some VAR

A Trip to Suwon : A Birthday, A Tenor and Some VAR When faced with the task of getting the missus a birthday present that she'll remember for a year some men think of bling, pefumes or hopping on a plane. For me I plumped for a bus ride down to Suwon and taking her... Continue Reading →

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