ACL 2018 Group Stages – Round 2 Preview

The first round was a relatively successful one for the Korean teams involved as all but Jeju United came away with at least a point. The highlight of the round was Suwon Bluewing's 2-0 victory in Sydney. Also returning from Australia unscathed were Ulsan as they boarded the plane home with a share of the... Continue Reading →


K-League Classic 2017 Round 26 Previews – Sunday Fixtures

K-League Classic 2017 Round 26 Previews - Sunday Fixtures Yesterday was 'Derby Day' in the K-League as we had the Jeolla Derby and The Supermatch with the former finishing in a 1-1 draw. The Supermatch was played in front of almost 30,000 at Suwon World Cup Stadium with a rather embarrassing Kwak Kwang Seon OG... Continue Reading →

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